1. Our Process

Here you’ll find a quick overview of our simple process
2. Frequently Asked Questions

Yup, that’s what it is…
3. Logo and Asset Submission Form (full)

For your first session or a single session, please follow our step by step submission process to customize your videos.
4. Logo and Asset Submission Form (single)

For recurring sessions, please us this form to upload your new scripts, updated logo or brand assets, photos or b-roll video.
5. Resources:
a. Asset Checklist – a quick checklist of the items you’ll need to gather for the asset submission form.
b. Script Creator – an easy to use, step by step guide to help you create a video script.
c. terrific talent – Do you need Acting or Voice Over for your Terrific TurnAround™ Session? We’ve compiled a list of terrific talent!