Terrific TurnAround™ - Script Creator

Use our form below to guide you in creating your script. If you need any help along the way, please give us a call (616-805-9081 x1) or send us a message!

  • Describe what your scene will look like: Who will we see (you, someone from your team, a customer, client, an actor)? What background will be behind your talent?
  • Describe the mood or emotion you want us to feel. Music can really help with this. Other things to think about: the pace of your script, the tone, and attire of your talent.
  • What do you want your talent to say? We recommend writing every word of your script and then practice out loud. We will put it in a teleprompter and practice until you sound natural. Other options: outline your script, ask questions or have your talent go completely off the cuff.
  • Would you like to show us some supporting visuals during your script delivery? Options include: video footage, photos, slides, text graphics, a second camera angle (of you or something else), animations, a skype call, a computer screen, etc. You will be able to upgrade to a broll session or submit other visuals with our "Asset Submission Form."
  • Write your call to action below and include any phone numbers, email addresses, websites, or physical locations you'd like your audience to see.
  • Enter your e-mail and we'll send you a copy. Otherwise it will be e-mailed to your Session Director only.